Regional/Local Organizations


AgeWell Pittsburgh

AgeWell Pittsburgh logoAgeWell Pittsburgh assists older adults and their caregivers in maintaining a healthy, independent life. They help through care services, food/nutrition, transportation, programs and support groups.

Community Living and Support Services (CLASS)

CLASS supports people with disabilities as they explore options, participate in the community and strive toward equality. They are working toward "a community where each belongs". They help connect the community with respite care providers for children and adults.


Allegheny County, Department of Human Services (DHS) 

Allegheny County Department of Human Services provides caregiver support programs. Examples of programs include respite care, transportation, in-home personal care assistance, financial assistance for caregivers' expenses. Their brochures and booklets provide helpful information about the offerings of DHS.

Brochures and booklets for:

Persons with MH and/or D&A concerns

Parents and Caregivers                                              

Service Coordination Units (SCU)

SCU is an agency dedicated to providing support services within various waiver programs, along with the ACT 150 program in PA. They strive to help older adults and individuals with disabilities (including physical, intellectual, and autism) to live independently or as independently as they wish by offering our assistance in the coordination of their care needs.


Skills2Care® is a research-based occupational therapy program for caregivers of persons with dementia. The program improves the wellbeing and skills of caregivers, reduces challenging behaviors that occur with dementia, and tries to slow the decline in daily function for person with dementia.