Research Co-Leaders: Grace Campbell, PhD, MSW, RN, CRRN; Heidi S. Donovan, PhD, RN
Co-Investigators: Paula R. Sherwood, PhD, RN; Michelle Boisen, MD; Young Ji Lee, PhD, RN; Bambang Parmanto, PhD; Elizabeth R. Skidmore (Consultant)
Community Partner: Hillman Cancer Centers of UPMC
Under this project, we will scale up SmartRehab, a rehabilitation and self-management program for families of persons with cancer-related functional limitations and disabilities, across the UPMC Health System. The project will study the effectiveness of SmartRehab to reduce patients’ disability and improve patients’ and caregiver’s quality of life.

SmartRehab is based on 1) SmartCare, a web- based intervention, and 2) the creation of a family support center into a gynecologic cancer clinic. The project moves our web- based SmartCare intervention into a more convenient mobile platform.