SmartRehab Mobile App Project: A Systemwide Scale-up

The need:

The use of mobile device applications in healthcare systems is rapidly growing. Using mobile platforms can efficiently facilitate access to helpful health tools and information, especially for people with disabilities or limitations and their caregivers.

What is the SmartRehab project?

A program created to help with the rehabilitation process and self-management items, accessible through the use of a mobile device application. 

What does it look at?

This project looks at the effectiveness of the SmartRehab program to reduce patient's disability and the patients' and caregiver's quality of life. Additional goals of this project include; modifying an existing caregiver support and self-help m-health platform and using this tool within the 11 clinics across the health system.

Who is SmartRehab for?

SmartRehab is designed for families of persons with cancer-related limitations and disabilities across the UPMC Health System. 

What does it include?

Information and strategies to manage problems in several domains (list domains), some are focused on the caregivers needs emotional physical and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle with caregiving and helping a loved one manage their symptoms associated with cancer.

How does SmartRehab work?

SmartRehab is based on SmartCare, a web-based intervention, and the creation of a family support center into a gynecologic cancer clinic. The project moves the web-based SmartCare intervention into a more convenient mobile platform.


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