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To partner with government, academia, and the broad family support stakeholder community to translate state-of-the-art research and training into services and support programs to improve the care, health, and quality of life of all persons with disabilities and the families who support them.


To advance the science of caregiving for persons with disabilities while simultaneously disseminating existing (and center generated) evidence-based resources to increase access to state-of-the-art family caregiver support. Our center operates with a philosophy of engagement science in which our research is grounded in addressing practical care delivery challenges through the intensive input of diverse stakeholders.

Center's Goals

Goal 1

Provide support for caregivers, families, and persons with disabilities through research, and training.

Goal 2

Train professionals in healthcare on up-to-date caregiving resources and work.

Goal 3

Use the Center's current research projects to promote positive change in health systems in order for all persons to receive high-quality care and support.

Goal 4

Educate persons with disabilities, family caregivers, policymakers, service providers, researchers, employers, and various others by increasing access to information and knowledge.